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It’s Fat Tuesday Which Means . . .

Free Pancakes at IHOP www.ihoppancakeday.com

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I Love You But . . .

This is a picture book about the moment in a relationship when you realize you don’t love somone completely, because there is one little thing that keeps bothering you.  When it bohters you so much it actually makes you physically … Continue reading

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An American Methodist writes about living like a British Methodist

I like being a Methodist in England. It means having my cup of coffee after church in a china mug and not out of something made of styrofoam or paper. It means going to a Sunday evening church service that … Continue reading

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Friends now, food later

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Man tries to smuggle ‘snakes on a plane’

A man has been arrested after trying to smuggle 44 snakes and lizards onto a plane. The 24-year-old, who has not been named, had been trying to sneak the reptiles onto a flight from Australia to Bangkok where it is … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

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Cat Answers Phone

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Wandering Coyote Booted from Airport Hops a Train Instead

PORTLAND, OR — Authorities reported on Wednesday that a wild coyote was chased off the tarmac at Portland International Airport. The traveling prairie pooch, realizing that it wasn’t welcome to fly the friendly skies, proceeded to the Tri-Met Airport Terminal … Continue reading

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The Sport of Human Tossing

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Bag of Randomness

WifeGeeding and I decided what to give up for Lent . . . eating out.  For us, this will be a challenge, but a welcome one.  Sorry, Mr President, but we won’t be contributing to the economy for 40 days.  … Continue reading

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