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Confessions of an Interfaith Baptist Preacher

Why would a Baptist be heavily involved in an interfaith organization? Aren’t we known for our unreserved advocacy and commitment to Christian conversion? Shouldn’t our energies be focused on the advancement of gospel sharing? Is cooperation with other faiths a … Continue reading

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How Old Are You?

The 100% free, lightning fast picture age guessing application. So, How do I look (really) The object of this game is to look at the pictures to the left and try to accurately guess their age. You can submit your … Continue reading

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Butt Scanners for Britain

Prisons are set to introduce bottom scanners in an attempt to stop prisoners smuggling mobile phones into jail. The £6,500 chairs are being put in 102 jails across Britain aimed to tackle a surge in phone smuggling. Prisoners will have … Continue reading

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Bad Idea

This Russian teenager decided to put a padlock through his pierced ear and lock it, only to find out there isn’t a key, so he had to have the lock sawed off.

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Dallas hardware store invites Bush to be greeter

DALLAS — A Dallas hardware store wants the “W” to stand for “Welcome.” Elliott’s Hardware published an open letter to former President George W. Bush on Thursday, inviting him to apply for a store greeter position now that he’s becoming … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I had time to digest the latest episode of Lost and those thoughts are in blue, so if you don’t want to read any thing about Lost just skip to the black. So Jin isn’t dead afterall . . . … Continue reading

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