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Christian T-Shirts

As a teenager, I wanted everyone to know about my faith in Christ, so I would often wear a Christian t-shirt. But I think I would draw a line wearing these t-shirts. I admire the intent and passion, but those … Continue reading

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Texas swimmer without arms thrives on challenges in and out of pool

Born without arms, Domingo Santoyo lives life on his terms. The determined Rivera High School junior doesn’t shy away from challenges. Instead, he readily accepts them. “From my point of view, I don’t think of myself as limited,” Santoyo, 16, … Continue reading

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Wet Pets

Yup, a website dedicated to nothing but wet pets with funny captions.  All sorts of cuteness, I tell ya. Link

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Headset Hotties

You’ve seen plenty of ads that display an attractive female working in a call center, well, this site is dedicated to them.  If you are wondering, it’s totally safe for work, and since one of my first jobs was in … Continue reading

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Talking Head Tables

Our Talking Head Tables are absolutely hilarious. Your guests will be in stitches when they reach for a piece of fruit or an hors d’oeurvre only to find that the biggest piece of fruit on the table shockingly sparks up … Continue reading

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Passengers stop flight after ‘drunk’ pilot sparks panic

It is normally a moment of cheery reassurance when an airline pilot greets passengers during preparations for take-off. But Alexander Cheplevsky sparked panic on flight Aeroflot 315 when he began to speak. His slurred and garbled comments ahead of a … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

The day after the Super Bowl my Indian coworker asked me if I “watched the match.” Technical difficulties, please stand by. Pastors tend to think they are funnier than what they really are.  At least that’s been my experience.  When … Continue reading

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