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A preview of the next U2 tour

After selling out countless arenas this decade, U2 are heading outdoors this year with their first U.S. stadium tour since 1997’s PopMart Tour. The band members, who release No Line on the Horizon on March 3rd, haven’t yet announced dates … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Visitor Came to the Office Today

Since the Texas Rangers aren’t going to win this thing anytime soon, I thought I would get a picture with the trophy when I had a chance. Facts about the trophy I did not know: It’s made by Tiffany & … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Not everyone is comfortable about bathroom talk, but it’s a topic I’m about to talk discuss.  So if you aren’t comfortable with bathroom talk, skip the section below in blue.  It’s my blog, and I’ll blog what I want to, … Continue reading

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Bag of Random Lost Thoughts

Widmore made mention that Locke’s parents had a sense of humor with his name, so he made sure his alias also had a bit of humor to it as well.  Both names, John Locke and Jeremy Benthan, represent two opposing … Continue reading

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New Math

I can’t get enough of this website. More at

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Spiritual Gifts and the Super Bowl

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Two Million Dollars Down the Drain

A 1989 video about a Pontiac future car. And yes, he did say “funky CD player.” To be fair, there’s some good ideas for 1989 and even today, but it seems they never really followed up on them.

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