Bush Bash

Celebrate the end of the Bush era by throwing him the largest going away party ever. Join a party or plan your own for the night of January 19th—Bush’s last official day in office. Then post your party photos on Flickr, and we’ll stream them on this site the next day. Let’s bash together as bushbash09.com lives on as the last moment of the finally-over Bush era.


The site gives you all sorts of party ideas and there’s a fun little Bush Nickname Generator.  His nickname for me would be Shucks.

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3 Responses to Bush Bash

  1. Melanie says:

    Dubya is coming to Midland to “bookend” the presidency (I guess) next Tuesday. Midland will celebrate his presidency as Obama is inaugurated. Not sure why it’s playing out this way. The bands are playing for him (including the MHS band that my hubby directs), so it should be an interesting afternoon/evening. Just a neat little tidbit. Think I’ll take the little ones so they can be a part of it, and say they saw him. Then watch coverage of Obama.

  2. bigtexastom says:

    what a waste of time and resources….humorous how ‘trendy’ it has become to hate on the President and how classless the hating has become. A bash to welcome in Sen. Obama…I can understand that…we’re all excited for ‘change’ or whatever….

    I’m a conservative, and I want Obama to succeed….I want the best for the nation. And if he is successful, and our nation becomes stronger, and we pull out of this recession, then I will be the first to say I voted for the wrong person.

    The President made his mistakes, just as EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT TO TAKE OFFICE…but he’s also done many good things, just as Clinton, Reagan, etc.

    Get over it people….everyone is ready for something else….we get it.

  3. sheila says:

    Sorry to see this. At a time when citizens have risen above race and elected our first African/American President, it seems like a step backwards to lower ourselves to this type of ‘bash party’.

    Voters elected a very incompetent leader. That was our mistake and we must bear the consequences. Although I did not vote for him, it is a democracy.

    I do, however, wish Bush would cut back on the exit interviews. He repeatedly says that history will show he did a great job. Sadly, history will only show the full depth and breadth of his mistakes. He should just go quietly.

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