Bag of Randomness

  • I have to admit I was really reluctant to share anything regarding my spiritual journey.  For the most part, I was worried what friends and family would think, and feared negative responses with a bunch of out of context scripture references thrown at me.  In other circles, I’ve been told that my questions and doubt would mean that I wasn’t really saved or that I was “luke warm” – which made me feel that I was letting someone or even God Himself down.  Not that my journey is complete, but the whole process has been liberating and refreshing, and lot of that comes from a lot of you.  Many of you may not have commented, but have sent me an email describing your similar experiences, and why you now also consider yourself a “Recovering Baptist” (and thanking me for coining the term, even though I’m sure I’m not the original one that came up with it), and above all, providing me with encouragement.
  • Dont’ get me wrong, I don’t dislike dislike the Baptist, but I do have my disagreements.  They are great people at the core and are extremely well intentioned, it’s just over time I found out I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and I like to describe the experience in a tongue and cheek manner.  Or to put it Biblically, I felt I was roaming the wilderness for the past 40 years, even though I’m not 40.
  • The UK’s Ministry of Defense lost 440 IT devices in the last year, including computers, hard drives and memory sticks.  That seems like a lot.  Article
  • I saw the new weather girl on Fox 4 yesterday morning, and she looked like an attractive tom-boy that tried to dress girly.  Kind of like Jo from the Facts of Life.
  • Whoa, that was weird, and I wonder if it was some sort of Freudian slip regarding the last bullet point.  I typed “I saw the new weather” part first, then stopped because I got distracted.  Then when I tried to type “girl” I accidentally put my hands not on the home row keys, but one key over to the right, so my left hand pinky was on the “S” key and so forth.  Well, when you do that and try to type “girl” you actually spell “hot.”
  • I wonder how many of you are going to see if that actually works.
  • I often think about my days working at the credit union in Abilene.  Good times.
  • I think this kid is related to my Favorite Cat Loving Llano Estacado Pastor.
  • John McCain recently joined Twitter.  Link
  • WifeGeeding dresses better and is soooooooo much hotter than Jessica Simpson.
  • The evolution of Apple design between 1977-2008.  Link
  • I sure hope Bob Hayes makes it in the NFL Hall of Fame, but I doubt he will get the votes he needs on Saturday.
  • A sad, sad story that will break your heart.  Article
  • I wasn’t aware the White House had an LP collection.  Article
  • Child of a preacher prays there are no Christians in school.  Link [Thanks, David!]
  • One church is trying to bring sexy back:
  • After watching How I Met Your Mother last night every fiber of me wanted to go out and eat a burger, specifically one at the Carnegie Deli.  I remember eating there my senior year in college and having the best burger and fries in my life.  I returned there about a decade later and feared the repeat burger would live up to my memory . . . but thankfully I was wrong.  I’m salivating as I write this.
  • Believe it or not, I’ve only listened to the new U2 song all the way through twice.
  • I think I’m going to buy some video editing software.
  • I saw that Costco now offers VHS to DVD conversion for $20.  That seems reasonable.
  • I think I have now received all my tax stuff in the mail, I might just finish it all this weekend.
  • Today’s random TV theme show song brings back some good memories.  YouTube
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Peggy says:

    Come Back !!! There just happens to be an opening at ATFCU for a loan officer. We miss you, too. New main office in the works on four acres out on Antilley Rd. Can you believe that ?????

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    Dude, i love the fact that you are on a spiritual journey. Everyone needs to take time to really hash out there faith and where our Father is leading them. I have been doing that for close to 5 years. It’s not easy and at times doubt seems o be the only thing you got but you can’t have faith without a little doubt.
    My friend I love hearing your heart and reading what God is going in you. I think you have stumbled upon the greatest truth of all…’s only one word:


    Much love,

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