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My Dinners with Dubya

When a college drinking buddy invited C. Brian Smith to hang out with her parents, he tried not to sweat the fact that they lived in the White House. He even had fun—until 9/11 made watching bad movies with the … Continue reading

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Random Poll

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Eating The World’s Hottest Pepper

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Best job in the world?

Tourist officials in Australia are looking for somebody to look after a desert island. They are willing to pay £70,000 ($103,700) for someone to work 12 hours a month for six months while carrying out such duties as feeding turtles, … Continue reading

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77-foot cross in legal limbo

KERRVILLE — A lawsuit has blocked, at least temporarily, the erection of a huge metal cross intended as the showpiece of an elaborate prayer garden proposed for a hillside here overlooking Interstate 10. The suit by J. Frank and Michele … Continue reading

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Great Super Mario Reenactment

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Denominational Loyalty Study

A new study finds that among people who attend church, only 30% are completely loyal to the denomination they are currently attending (meaning they would only consider attending church within that specific denomination). Another 44% prefer their current denomination, but … Continue reading

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Condition 1 Weather – Antarctica

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Inauguration Practice

More pics can be found at the Washington Post and the NY Times.

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HSU was mentioned in an article, so I thought my HSU readers might find this interesting

But then again, the majority of you are trying to figure out what the heck is HSU. American Muslim, Baptist Leaders Hold Groundbreaking Meeting round 80 Baptist and Muslim leaders from across the nation gathered in Boston for a first-of-its-kind … Continue reading

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Evolution of Dance 2

It’s good, but I prefer the original.

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Bag of Randomness

Probably some of the most photographed bacon in the world. Link It’s been over a decade that I’ve been to a skating rink.  I remember going to skating parties as a kid, and that weird feeling after taking them off … Continue reading

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