The Carnegie Deli Pastrami Sandwich Mitosis

I think the best burger and fries I’ve ever had was at the Carnegie Deli.  They are also known for fantastic cheesecake and plenty of meat in their sandwiches.  There are two locations, the original in NYC and one in Las Vegas, but the Vegas location doesn’t even compare to the original location.

In this piece, some wanted to know how many normal-sized sandwhiches he could make out of a pastrami sandwich from the Carnegie Deli.

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3 Responses to The Carnegie Deli Pastrami Sandwich Mitosis

  1. Jill says:

    Had me one of those!!!! (well actually a 1/4 actually) Delicious!

  2. hot_bananas says:

    when i used to visit NY, i would always stop at, either, the Carnegie Deli or the Stage Deli. i miss Pastrami sandwiches. wish they sell those here.

  3. sethvu says:

    грамотный блог, но коллайдер все равно взорвется…

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