Bag of Randomness

  • I’ve thought about upgrading to a better TV recently, and then yesterday WifeGeeding calls me at work and tells me that the TV isn’t working?  Is it a sign from above, or temptation?  Long story short, I stayed ‘humbled’ and replaced the bulb and all was well.  Actually, better than well, it’s much brighter and sharper.
  • I’m staring to learn that just about everything I need to know repair wise can be found on the Intertubes.  For instance, here’s a video and pictures on how to replace the bulb on my TV.
  • I’m still really tempted to buy an Blueray DVD player, but I we just don’t watch many movies to justify the cost.  Maybe when they start to drop closer to the $150 I’ll consider.
  • That last line reminds of a scene from ‘The Wedding Singer‘ where the ‘bad guy’ states he just spent something like $5000 on a CD player.  Remember, the movie took place in 1985.
  • A collection of weird car accidents.  Link
  • Quite possibly the worst family Christmas card ever.  Link
  • Most of Christmas day was spent watching a House marathon.
  • I really need my 401k to rebound from last year.
  • A photo collection of dogs that chased a dude’s car.  Link
  • For you fellow 30 Rock fans, this glove story might be entertaining.
  • Speaking of 30 Rock, when I drove to visit the in-laws I listened to some sort of interview with the cast and crew that I downloaded off of iTunes.  It was in that interview that I discovered that one of Jane Krakowski’s first movie roles was in Nation Lampoons Vacation as cousin Vicki.
  • Through marriage, I actually have a cousin Vicki.
  • I’ve decided that I will no longer purchase the NFL Ticket on DirecTV.
  • One of my best purchases of 2008 was my custom made arch supports.  My back and my feet are thankful.
  • As you know, I’m a U2 nutcase, but I’m disappointed the band is coming out with five editions of the new album.  That’s just silly.
  • I remember when Jerry fired Barry Switzer and one of my friends put together a resume of all his high school and Madden accomplishments and sent it in to Jerry with a cover letter.
  • I actually sent Jerry a wedding invitation back in the day.  The idea came from a friend who was a Packers fan.  He sent a wedding invitation to them and actually got a very nice thank-you letter in return.  I didn’t hear anything from Jerry.
  • I’m a passionate Cowboys fan, but I don’t think I would go this far.  And surely there has to be YouTube video of this somewhere.
  • I’ve meant to post this a while back, but I’ve found the absolute best pet stain remover in the history of ever.  Eco-88.  All you have to do is spray very liberally and that’s it.
  • DogGeeding isn’t a young pup, and I’ve notice for a while now that when I play with him he no longer does his energetic strut.  However, I found some healthy treats for him at Petsmart that I have to him for Christmas.  Ever since I’ve been feeding them to him his strut has returned.
  • WifeGeeding could eat at Chick-Fil-A everyday I’m convinced.
  • There’s a radio station in town that is still playing non-stop Christmas music.  That should have stopped by the 26th at the latest.
  • Sarah Palin’s grandson is a Tripp.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. starr says:

    I could probably eat at chick-fil-a everyday too. It never disappoints.

  2. Heather says:

    I have two older dogs, ages 10 and 11. Can you tell me what kind of dog treats those were?

  3. Haymoose says:

    The PetSmart “Authority” brand dog food is awesome too. We have used it for 6 years now and our Golden has maintained a healthy weight consistently and the Vet is always pleased to see her keeping a good figure. Not once was it ever mentioned during the big dog food recall debacle. My heart goes out to anyone that lost a pet due to that.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Amanda says:

    What 30 rock interview did you listen to?

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