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Old Man Winter Icicle

Just looking outside and you can tell Old Man Winter paid us a visit, but in Lake Stevens, it looks like he put in a personal appearance! This icicle was found hanging from Jeremy Olden’s home. KomoNews.com [additional picture] [Thanks, … Continue reading

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Somewhat Tempting Picture of the Day

While watching football Sunday afternoon WifeGeeding offered me a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.  The cookie was warm, but I didn’t realize that they were right out of the oven, which resulted in me burning the roof of my mouth.  … Continue reading

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BagOfNothing.com with Bacon

Just click here.

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Kitten With Only Two Legs

This poor kitten was brutally injured then had his hind legs and tail surgically removed. It’s unknown how he got injured. He was nursed back to health by the employees of this book store in Akita, Japan and is now … Continue reading

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Church Dance Choreography

The 20 second span starting around the 1:50 mark is priceless.

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Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep

He could be forgiven for looking just a bit sheepish, but this shepherd has learned how to control his flock using just a poster of a wolf. Farmer Du Hebing couldn’t afford another dog after his old one died and … Continue reading

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Southern Baptist evangelism plan facing setbacks

For the Southern Baptist Convention, 2008 was filled with bad news. Baptisms reached a 20-year low. Church membership dropped, prompting fears the Nashville-based Baptist body was on a downward slide. And its outgoing president warned that within 20 years, more … Continue reading

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RC Helicopter With .45 Caliber Hand Gun

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Faith on the Hill: The Religious Affiliations of Members of Congress

Members of Congress are often accused of being out of touch with average citizens, but an examination of the religious affiliations of U.S. senators and representatives shows that, on one very basic level, Congress looks much like the rest of … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I think this will be my last full day of posts until next year.  I have time scheduled off from work for the next two weeks and would like to have some R&R and spend it with family.  There may … Continue reading

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