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Mug Shot Metamorphosis

Meet Michael Campbell, before and after. The Colorado man has a long rap sheet and prison history, though you probably could have guessed that based on the below mug shots. In the “before” photos, Campbell is seen following a 2003 … Continue reading

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Bacon Label Blog

In the early 1990’s, I started seeing a lot more brands of bacon than I used to in my local supermarket. There were several national brands, a few smaller ones, and a seemingly ever-changing variety of brands that came and … Continue reading

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Trapped Dog

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W will move to Dallas

A few details on the house: Built in 1959, the home sits on 1.13 acres, has four bedrooms, 4 ½ baths, a wet bar, a fireplace and 8,501 square feet of living space, including 896 square feet of servant quarters. … Continue reading

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Vader Bowls

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Fishermen nets bass — and lost class ring from 1987

BUNA, Texas — A class ring lost for decades in an East Texas lake is back with its owner after turning up in a fish caught the day after Thanksgiving. Joe Richardson of Buna told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he … Continue reading

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THE Ulysse Nardin wristwatch in an ad in the most recent Sunday edition of The New York Times is unlike 22 of the 24 watches featured in that issue’s ads, but chances are that didn’t register with most readers. For … Continue reading

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Negative Sideburns

There has never been a site dedicated to the great phenomenon known as the ‘negative sideburn.’  This site aims at reaching that audience that appreciates the dedication to keeping the sideburn from descending down the side of the face. Link

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Lets try this again . . .

The dangers of feeding a chained bear . . . Morphing Presidents

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2009 May Ring In $1 Per Gallon Gas

BOSTON — A Massachusetts-based oil executive is boldy predicting that pump prices might fall to $1 a gallon in early 2009. “The oil market is a manic-depressive market. It tends to over shoot,” said Joe Petrowski, CEO of Gulf Oil. … Continue reading

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