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Iraq Has Its Own Battle of the Bulge

CAMP SPEICHER, Iraq — Al Qaeda and other extremist groups aren’t the only enemy facing U.S. troops stationed at this massive base in central Iraq. The Americans also are engaged in the mother of all battles — against gaining weight. … Continue reading

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Bizarre Burritos

Rats, worms, rattlesnakes and armadillos are all on the menu at this bizarre food festival in Santiago de Anaya, Mexico.

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Song Around the World “Stand By Me”

“Stand by me” is a featured song around the world in which 37 musicians from five continents assemble together to create one unified track. The musicians have never met in person and connect through their music. Each track is added … Continue reading

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Family business sold, but workers get major bonus

CHICAGO — Dave Tiderman wondered if the decimal point was in the wrong place when he opened his $35,000 company bonus. Jose Rojas saw his $10,000 check and thought, “That can’t be right.” Valentin Dima watched co-workers breaking down in … Continue reading

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Testing Bullet-Proof Glass

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Disciple Shades

For those who desire to dwell on their devotion and stay focused on their faith, Disciple Shades is pleased to offer the first and only line of Christian-based sunglasses with inspirational verses on the inside. Created as simple reminders of … Continue reading

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Not Driving in a Christ-like Manner

A speeding pickup rear-ended a woman’s sedan on the South Side on Friday morning and sheriff’s officials say the driver said it was Jesus’ will because the other motorist was not “driving like a Christian.” The bizarre incident that shut … Continue reading

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Evangelicals adopting Advent

Evangelical Christians are adopting — and adapting — the rituals of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas that are traditionally celebrated by Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox and other liturgical churches. They’re giving a new, personalized spin to the … Continue reading

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Tourist Boats Collide

One word of caution, I think you can hear one f-bomb.

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Pastor who helped get ‘under God’ in Pledge dies

ALEXANDRIA, Pa. (AP) — The Rev. George M. Docherty, credited with helping to push Congress to insert the phrase “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance, has died at 97. Docherty died on Thanksgiving at his home in central Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

WifeGeeding and I successfully cooked a very flavorful and tender turkey . . . but it still wasn’t as good as my mother’s.  But there’s plenty of time for us to practice. I don’t think there will ever be a … Continue reading

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