Second Rate Snacks

What a great idea for a blog, comparing the name brand of snacks to the alternative.

While on vacation, my husband Ethan and I were checking out the vending machine by the pool and noticed one of the offerings was a product called “Animal Snackers”.  Amused by the blatant rip-off of “Animal Crackers”, we started wondering what other products were rip-offs or considered “lesser” versions of more popular brand names.

Thus began roaming up and down the isles of grocery stores and mini-marts, looking at packages and researching online.  I have to say, I have learned a lot.

I conduct taste-tests with the help of Ethan, my friends and my co-workers.  I’m always grateful for their feedback and of course always interested hearing readers thoughts on these products.
Also, just thought I’d note that while the name of this blog is Second Rate  Snacks, I chose to include drinks, candy and some packaged foods that will be classified as “quasi-meals”.


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  1. John from Colorado says:

    Actually, Basil’s Bavarian Bakery Animal Snackers are the best animal crackers I have ever had. I buy them by the case.

    See review:

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