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Another Dharma Email

Namaste. I am pleased to announce that registered recruits can now log in and download your personalized Volunteer Assessment Dossier outlining your full test results as well as your position within the Dharma Initiative. I want to personally congratulate you … Continue reading

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Something I Didn’t Know About Alaska

Alaska has no income or sales tax, and a huge chunk of its annual revenue — as much as 90 percent — comes from taxes and fees on oil companies. When oil prices soar, as they did this summer, so … Continue reading

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Italian team drops pants to score

ROME (AP) — In the latest fashion statement out of Italy, soccer players are dropping their shorts to score goals. Catania, a team in the country’s top division, unveiled the new look while taking a free kick. The players lined … Continue reading

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Man drops 140 pounds in 11 months to join Marines

LEWISTON, Maine – Army and Navy recruiters took one look at 330-pound Ulysses Milana and told him to forget about joining. “‘You’ve got to lose weight,’” Milana remembers them saying. But Marine recruiters were willing to work with him as … Continue reading

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Polar Bears Playing With Dogs

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“Star Wars” – an a cappella tribute to John Williams

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Shark Doesn’t Like Magnet

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Tempting Pictures of the Day

This pregnant anaconda was killed and cut open.  The villagers found 70 eggs and displayed the baby anacondas. Link

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Ozzy Osbourne Samsung Ad

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Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart on Halloween

It would be funny if he actually dressed as Indy or Han for a Halloween party.

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20 Unusual Churches


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Piranha Bite

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