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Virtual Cowboys Seats

Pick out a section in the new Cowboys stadium and see what kind of view you would have.  You are even able to use your mouse to look all around. Link As you can see, I chose the nosebleed section.

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Extreme Scrabble

Since my boardgame personality test said I’m most like Scrabble, I thought this would be an appropriate post. Extreme isn’t a word that you would normally associate with a game of Scrabble but for these daredevils placing themselves on the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is around the corner

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George Foreman Lean Mean Frying Machine

The Lean Meanâ„¢ Fryer features our new, patented Smart Spinâ„¢ technology that knocks out up to 55% of fat absorbed in the frying process. During a special SPIN cycle that follows cooking, your Lean Meanâ„¢ Fryer uses centrifugal force to … Continue reading

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Need A Challenge?

Here’s a game you might enjoy, it’s harder than it looks:

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Political Tolerance T-Shirt Experiment

As the media keeps gushing on about how America has finally adopted tolerance as the great virtue, and that we’re all united now, let’s consider the Brave Catherine Vogt Experiment. Catherine Vogt, 14, is an Illinois 8th grader, the daughter … Continue reading

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10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken

The words “Last picture taken” before his or her death conjure up many emotions, whether in front of the camera or behind it. This list consists of 10 last time stamps in history taken of and by some fascinating individuals. … Continue reading

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Toilets With A Great View

We may not really care what our view is when we use the loo. But maybe we should – for according to the World Toilet Organisation we spend three years of our lives on the throne. And that fact was … Continue reading

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Automatic Baby Walker

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An Old Baptist Joke

How many Baptists does it take to change a light bulb? Change?!?! What do you mean, change? I was reminded of that joke as I read this article that stated the Baptist General Convention of Texas is deferring action on … Continue reading

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All of America has earned the new puppy

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What Board Game Are You?

And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever played this game. You Are Scrabble You are incredibly clever and witty. You can talk your way out of (and into) situations easily. You are an excellent decision maker. You are … Continue reading

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