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The first meeting of Bush and Obama includes hand sanitizer, advice, and Allen Keys

An excerpt from The Audacity of Hope, where Obama tells of his first meeting with President George W. Bush. “Obama!” he said, shaking my hand. “Come here and meet Laura. Laura, you remember Obama. We saw him on TV during … Continue reading

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First-family-to-be gets code names

The Secret Service traditionally has given pithy, private names to those whose lives they protect. The monikers are a throwback to a time when electronic communications were not encrypted, and they no longer serve a security function. Still, they give … Continue reading

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Lunch Bag Art

A mom creates a new lunch bag each day for her kids. Link

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Using simple colors to present the Gospel is the most effective way to share the greatest story ever told, without using words! GospelShoe has integrated basic colors – black, red, white, green and gold – into two popular shoe designs, … Continue reading

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Scraps wants to be the next First Dog

I think she’s hypoallergenic.

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Tempting Picture of the Day

A freaky bicycle accident that involves an impalement. Link

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Southern Baptists in Congress

WASHINGTON (BP)–No Southern Baptist members of Congress lost their seats in voting Nov. 4. Both senators and all 23 representatives who are members of Southern Baptist churches and were on the general-election ballot gained victories. Six Southern Baptists who are … Continue reading

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Fifty things you might not know about Barack Obama

A few examples: • He is left-handed – the sixth post-war president to be left-handed • He has read every Harry Potter book • He can speak Spanish • His desk in his Senate office once belonged to Robert Kennedy … Continue reading

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Oxford compiles list of top ten irritating phrases

1 – At the end of the day 2 – Fairly unique 3 – I personally 4 – At this moment in time 5 – With all due respect 6 – Absolutely 7 – It’s a nightmare 8 – Shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Dog and Owner Obtain Baylor Law Degree

WACO, Texas – When Amy Jones received her law degree from Baylor University, her playful service dog Skeeter got the same honor. As Jones got her juris doctor degree on Saturday, Skeeter received an honorary law degree. “Amy has busted … Continue reading

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It looks like FiveThirtyEight did pretty well afterall

Now that Barack Obama has officially won North Carolina and all of the electoral map is filled in (save Missouri, kind of), we were inclined to look at which of the pollsters and prognosticators called the election right. First, we … Continue reading

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Church Music Director Fired, Choir and Attendance Suffers

For 31 years, hundreds of people who went to services at Lexington’s First United Methodist Church were drawn by the music program run by Albin C. Whitworth. The performances often featured works by Bach, Brahms, Beethoven and Handel sung by … Continue reading

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