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Election Hologram Interview

NEW YORK — It’s election night, and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer is in New York talking to an Obama campaign strategist in Chicago. But instead of the split screen or window TV viewers might typically see during live remote interviews, … Continue reading

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How the Map Looked Exactly 2 Years Ago

Exactly two years ago, SurveyUSA completed interviews with 600 voters in every state (30,000 total interviews), asking them how they would vote in a 2008 Presidential Election between John McCain and Barack Obama. Based on those interviews, SurveyUSA was able … Continue reading

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Head Tilting Pug

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A Conversation With The Cheapest Man in America

Jeff Yeager’s wife, Denise, knows better than anyone how frugal her husband can be. This is a man who soft-boils his eggs in the dishwasher (with the dirty dishes), funnels box wine into premium-label bottles and serves it to dinner … Continue reading

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Steve Young, Gay Marriage, and the Mormon Church

Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young and his wife Barbara have posted yard signs in front of their Palo Alto home urging voters to vote no on Proposition 8, the state ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage. Barbara Young has … Continue reading

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I love you, mum

“I love you, mum: First words of brain-damaged girl, 6, given power of speech by laser which tracks her eye movements” A severely handicapped little girl who cannot walk or talk has used a machine to tell her mother for … Continue reading

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Souther Baptists, Birth Control, and Vasectomies

Last week I made a post about a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary professor calling the use of birth control pills murder. This week editor Marv Knox of the Baptist Standard writes how he disagrees with that notion and how men … Continue reading

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Areas of Recession and Areas of Growth

Larger pics here I think it will be interesting to compare these maps to the Electoral College map, once it’s completed tonight.

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Scary Girl

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FiveThirtyEight and the Election

A lot of people have been talking about how dead on FiveThirtyEight.com has been in the past, so I’m interested to see what they have projected on Nov 3rd will turn out once all the votes are tallied.

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How Much Is Your Vote Worth?

This map shows each state re-sized in proportion to the relative influence of the individual voters who live there. The numbers indicate the total delegates to the Electoral College from each state, and how many eligible voters a single delegate … Continue reading

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Man, 73, scores 2 points in college hoops game

HARRIMAN, Tenn. – Ken Mink, a 73-year-old full-time student, scored two points Monday night in Roane State Community College’s 93-42 victory over King College’s junior varsity. Mink entered the game with about 16 minutes left in the second half and … Continue reading

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