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Astronauts to Vote From Space Station

While most Americans will flock to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote for the next U.S. president, two U.S. citizens will beam their ballots down from the International Space Station as they fly 220 miles (354 km) above Earth. … Continue reading

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Redskins Rule

When the Redskins win their last home game prior to election day, the party that won the popular vote in the previous presidential election wins the race to the White House. When the ‘Skins lose the last home game before … Continue reading

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Company says mouse in bun just dough

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local man finds what looks like mouse in his hotdog bun, but the company that made the bread has another explanation. Arnold’s Bread claims it is dough or “pan accumulation.” But North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture … Continue reading

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I Love The Discovery Channel

And the creativity of this commericals makes me even appreciate it more, with the best part being Steven Hawking singing along.  Oddley enough, I spent a good 20 minutes on his webpage the other day.

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The car with a gadget that guarantees every traffic light will be green when you get there

They’re the bane of city drivers everywhere: those traffic lights that invariably turn to red just as you approach, making even the shortest journey a stop-start affair. But now a German car-maker has come to the rescue – with a … Continue reading

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Tempting Video of the Day

A hen laying an egg . . . ouch.

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World’s Smallest Postal Service

The World’s Smallest Postal Service is a teeny tiny letter transcription service. It sets up shop in cafes and stores, and is now available online. Here’s how it works: You write a letter (up to 6 sentences – see below) … Continue reading

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Meet In Between

MeetInBetween.us is the solution we’ve all been waiting for! Use it to plan anything with people who don’t live near each other. Get started by entering addresses on the home page and then find a place to meet! From lunch … Continue reading

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“95 Theses”

Yale Students creates a video with Martin Lurther rapping about the Reformation. More about the video here.

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Quiz: The Candidates’ Faith

From the flap over Rev. Jeremiah Wright–Barack Obama’s longtime minister–to the video of Sarah Palin’s appearance with an African pastor who was praying to protect her from witchcraft, the candidates’ beliefs and faith practices have played a major role in … Continue reading

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Junior High Jesus Shirt


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25 Obama Poster Parodies


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