Sarah’s Doodles

On a recent reporting trip to Alaska, TNR senior editor Noam Scheiber came across a piece of paper from an old Wasilla city budget, on the back of which Palin doodled and brainstormed her potential mayoral campaign themes (“time for a change,” “you would be my boss!”) and qualifications (“life-long alaskan,” “NRA supporter,” “taxpayer!”). Read the fine print on this 1996 document; it’s a fascinating glimpse into how she thought she could best present herself to the Wasilla electorate.

The New Republic

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2 Responses to Sarah’s Doodles

  1. jonathan says:

    OMG! If my doodles were ever found and shared, I’d be totally screwed!

  2. dan says:

    Good point, Jonathan. With the ever-present camera phone and YouTube there is nothing off-the-record nor can one expect private moments to be private. Now you have to worry that someone will resurrect your doodling and publish it. It seems humorous but it really lowers the bar as to the expectation of privacy and wanting to be candid.

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