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I was recently asked . . .

Why do you think people visit your website? I know I have some friends and family that visit because they know what kind of goofball I am, so let me relay the question to you . . . Why do … Continue reading

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Fake cop pulled over real officer

HARTFORD, Conn. – Hartford police say a city man picked the wrong time to impersonate a police officer. Authorities say they arrested 20-year-old Israel Gomez early Tuesday when he pulled over a motorist who just happened to be an off-duty … Continue reading

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Balloon in liquid nitrogen

Watch it through the end . . .

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Free Ice Cream on Election Day


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From the U.K. – All you need to know about this year’s US election

Not only is it interesting to read about our election process from a foreign news agency, but some of the information was actually pretty useful for this pretty informed U.S. voter.  Besides, British English is kinda fun – i.e. holiday … Continue reading

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Giant spider eating a bird caught on came

Photographs of a giant spider eating a bird in an Australian garden have stunned wildlife experts. The pictures show the spider with its long black legs wrapped around the body of a dead bird suspended in its web. Full Article … Continue reading

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Using the Bible to keep girls in “their place”

Unfortunately, Kacy has become famous not for her leg but her gender. Initially, she was barred from playing in the Georgia Football League, comprising teams of home-schoolers and small Christian academies, because she’s a girl. She was reinstated by the … Continue reading

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Snake Massage

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Baptist preacher says birth control is ‘murder’

FORT WORTH — A Southern Baptist leader and teacher has a message for women: Taking birth control pills is “murder” and a “sin.” The opinion of Dr. Thomas White is reverberating around Baptist circles, and causing at least one Tarrant … Continue reading

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Tempting Pictures of the Day

Dolls and Toys that Creep us Out Link

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Sweet Candidates


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Bag of Randomness

WifeGeeding and I early voted yesterday. There sure were a lot of voters, but my wait in line was less than two minutes.  The Denton Country folks sure are organized, all they had to do was swipe my drivers license … Continue reading

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