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Neiman Marcus selling Dallas Cowboys end zone

This Christmas, Neiman Marcus offers holiday shoppers a chance to bring the Dallas Cowboys’ end zone to their own back yard. On Tuesday morning, the Dallas-based luxury retailer unveiled featured items in its annual Christmas Book to news media at … Continue reading

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Amazon.com: What Are We Reading? Track America’s Political Book Buying

Click on a state to see that state’s percentage of “red” and “blue” book sales over the past 60 days, as well as local political favorites. Or see how the map has changed over time by using the right and … Continue reading

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Heavy Puppy Head

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Air Jordan Prosthetics

3D printing has become an incredibly powerful tool to customize one-off products for differing applications. This project was based on using this technology to design a customized prosthetic leg for a specific user- a young, urban, male athlete. Nike was … Continue reading

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The Measure of a President

During the Presidential campaign, much has been made of Barack Obama’s slender physique, with some commentators going so far as to argue that he is too thin for most Americans to relate to him. Does candidate height and weight play … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Doodles

On a recent reporting trip to Alaska, TNR senior editor Noam Scheiber came across a piece of paper from an old Wasilla city budget, on the back of which Palin doodled and brainstormed her potential mayoral campaign themes (“time for a change,” … Continue reading

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Carlos Santana sees next career as minister

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Carlos Santana is on tour and has an album coming out, but in an interview with Rolling Stone posted online on Friday the rocker said he sees himself one day heading up a church in Hawaii. … Continue reading

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What’s Larger?

The Enterprise from Star Trek or the Galatic Empire Starship from Star Wars? Click the image to find out. Glad to see the Yamato was included.

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Atheist group sues Bush over National Day of Prayer

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) — The largest group of atheists and agnostics in the United States is suing President George W. Bush, the governor of Wisconsin and other officials over a federal law designating a National Day of Prayer. The Freedom … Continue reading

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