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Palin and Supreme Court Cases

I wonder if she would have been better off if she just said no rather than ramble on. But for some reason, I have a feeling she’s going to do much better than expected on the debate.

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Google 2001

In honor of our 10th birthday, we’ve brought back our oldest available index. Take a look back at Google in January 2001. Link That’s right, all searches provide you with 2001 results.  It’s kind of interesting to compare names you … Continue reading

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Star Wars Cute

A squirrel or a chipmunk, I dunno, but put an action figure one one of them and snap a pic – that’s cute. Link

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Tempting Video of the Day

Just because you cut the head off a snake doesn’t mean it’s safe to be around it.

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Church & Politics Quiz

Most Christians agree that their faith affects how they approach politics, but disagreements arise over the political role of the church. A common source of confusion is the phrase “separation of church and state.” Although the U.S. Constitution does not … Continue reading

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If you ever wanted to make a Sarah Palin speech, try PalinDrome. Drag a selection of words to the piece of paper and click “SPEAK” to hear your speech.

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Google In Quotes

Pick two politicians and search for a term and get a list of quotes for each person compared side-by-side.  McCain and Obama are the default, but you can change the politician by drop down menu. Google Labs

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Big German Puzzle

RAVENSBURG, Germany (AP) — Some 15,000 enthusiasts have assembled the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle in the southern German town of Ravensburg, Europe’s biggest puzzle maker said. Puzzle maker Ravensburger AG said 1,141,800 pieces were put together in only five hours … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Cindy Crawford will be within a few miles of my house this Saturday, I wonder if she’ll stop by for a visit. As you enter this church’s website, a video plays.  It’s very Blue Man Group-ish and a bit long … Continue reading

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