Online Witnessing

Show Chick tracts on your site… It’s free!

We get frequent requests from Christians who want to display Chick tracts on their website as a witnessing tool. We are making four titles available as interactive presentations that you can embed on your webpage, such as:

– MySpace
– Facebook
– Friendster
– Blogs
– Forums

Your visitors will have fun learning to turn the pages (hint: click the corner or drag and drop). Just copy the code below for the tract you want and paste it into your webpage. From time to time, we will rotate the titles available, and you will need to choose a new one. 



Too bad my stats can’t track the number of people saved by this post.

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2 Responses to Online Witnessing

  1. Paul Clifford says:

    Lives and eternities are hanging in the balance. Don’t use these. It’s better not to “witness” than to use tracts most of the time.

    I’m sorry, but it’s true.


  2. jonathan says:

    I think I just got saved!

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