Bag of Randomness

  • With all the hurricane news this weekend, I kept on thinking about the hurricane that hit Galveston back in 1900.   No warning and no sea wall made for some very bad stuff.  Keep in mind that Galveston was on board to be the next NYC.  I’m sure most of you not living in Texas don’t really know about this event.  But the one thing that continues to stick in my mind was what they did with all the dead bodies after the storm.  They thought it was be a good idea to put the bodies on a barge and drop them off in sea.  Unfortunately the bodies washed back ashore.
  • I guess rain from a hurricane is the same as rain anywhere else, other than polluted rain, of course.  At first I thought maybe hurricane rain would have some salt to it, but then I remembered that whole evaporation process.
  • This article about someone that rode out the hurricane cracked me up, especially this quote about why he didn’t pray, “I figure I put me in this position and God couldn’t get me out.”
  • After dinner on Friday, WifeGeeding and I returned to our car and found someone put a Christian track on our windshield.  It informed us about how the end times are near and said that we needed to repent, and then when we arrived home and turned on the news we found out a hurricane was coming our way.  I’m sure only because of this track left on our car DFW missed most of the hurricane.  Man, those things are effective.
  • Speaking of those effective Christian tracts, here’s a story one of my readers shared with me:
    When I was a waiter, someone tried to make me promise to read a tract in return for my tip and then when I told them I knew Jesus they said, “I knew there was something different about you.”
  • Most of Saturday was spent nerding out.  My old laptop needed to be reimaged, but my CD/DVD drive was fubr’d.  I disassembled the entire laptop with the help of The Google but I was left high and dry because I couldn’t find a place to buy a replacement drive since they are not a universal and interchangeable part.  Luckily a coworker recommended a place called MicroCenter.  That place rocks, it’s kinda like a Best Buy with an emphasis on computer parts and sells a bunch of refurbished stuff.  Thankfully I found a cheap replacement drive and was able to install it and put my laptop back together.  And as always, I end up with extra parts that I can’t find where they should go.  I was worried because the old drive damaged my XP installation disk pretty bad towards the edges on the bottom, but in the end, everything work out.  You may remember that I complained about the right click and the Ctrl button no longer worker.  Well, the right click is now working, but that Ctrl button is still not working, so tha sounds like a hardware issue and it’s time to go eBaying for a new keyboard.  OK, that was entirely too much nerd talk, but I was proud of this little victory.
  • For the most part, SNL was so-so, except for all the political stuff.
  • Right after SNL the pilot episode of Lost came on.  It was a bit weird seeing it on NBC (it’s running on syndication on our local affiliate), but it was pretty cool watching it knowing what I know now about the show.
  • Speaking of SNL, for those of you that loved that More Cowbell skit from back in the day, feel free to add more cowbell to any song here. [Thanks, Warren!]
  • I still don’t know if I won that Southwest Airlines blog-o-spondent contest.  I interviewed with them on Monday, which I thought went OK, and was told I would hear something the next day.  So far I haven’t heard a thing and if I were to be one of the three finalists, I would leave for Vegas this Friday.  I’ll keep you posted either way.
  • Tom Brady tore his ACL and MCL and so has his former coach Charlie Weis [YouTube].  Who else connected to these two are next?
  • I got a belated birthday present from one of my California readers yesterday.  He was nice enough to send me a CD and DVD of some rare and early career U2 stuff.  Much love goes out to Paul.
  • I also got a free t-shirt in the mail from a CNN partner.  In case you don’t know, they have a new and improved embedded news player where you can post their stories on your blog.  The quality is better than YouTube and there’s no pre-roll advertising.
  • I wasn’t aware that Tonya Harding shot JFK.
  • I think I found the most unflattering picture of John McCain ever.
  • I’m tired of Faith Hill doing the intro to Sunday Night Football.
  • I have to buy new tires soon.
  • I’m having trouble finding a good pillow.
  • I use to enjoy the USA Cartoon Express.  Jabber Jaw and Grape Ape are the first to come to mind.
  • I saw an old episode of Tom and Jerry over the weekend, it must have been years since I’ve watched an episode.  I think my favorite is the one where they flood the living space and freeze it.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. sistergeeding says:

    Pillow… The Seasons pillow brand at Bed Bath and Beyond… slightly expensive… but the best pillow ever.

  2. DB says:

    I recently read a great book with a very interesting perspective on the 1900 hurricane.

  3. dan says:

    1) It seems I read somewhere that after the 1900 Hurricane; the city of Galveston had to pile the dead bodies of citizens and livestock into pyres and burn them because of the difficulties in dealing with so many corpses. I can’t imagine what it could be like for the survivors, who were slowly learning to cope after the disaster, and then having to deal with the slow return of victim-bodies to the beaches weeks later
    2) Does anyone see a problem with the media in Galveston talking about citizens refusing to leave despite the mandatory evacuation order when the media themselves decided to stay and broadcast throughout the storm?
    3) Some observers have noted McCain likes to travel with Palin because he can draw bigger crowds when she’s there. As a team, he has sort of become Ed McMahon to her Johnny Carson. I saw him speaking today and even though she wasn’t present he referred to her continually throughout his speech and how they were going to shake things up. What’s eerie is that both of them have said they don’t know much about economics. This has to be an election for the history books when a vice presidential candidate has had such a positive effect on the presidential candidate

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