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Obama Likeness Found Hanging on College Campus

A likeness of Sen. Barack Obama was found hanging in the George Fox University quad early Tuesday along with graffiti aimed at minority recipients of a scholarship program, the university president told The Oregonian this morning. President Robin Baker said … Continue reading

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They are one up on Mrs Baird’s 100th anniversary

Staple British bread brand Hovis has announced that they are to replace their famous ‘boy on the bike’ advert with a new epic TV commercial, showcasing over 100 years of the nation’s history. Part of Hovis’ huge relaunch campaign, the … Continue reading

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Biting off more than he can chew

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Presidenting Takes Its Toll

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by how much a president ages from his term in office, the physical toll that is, although I don’t think Reagan showed a lot of age from his span in office.  But to be … Continue reading

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Laugh Your Abs Away Exercise Video

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‘Palin Syrah’ Wine Drops in Sales After Sarah Palin Veep Pick

Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin might not be fond of San Francisco, but one San Francisco wine bar is fond of Palin Syrah. Or rather, it was. “It was our best selling wine before (the V.P. announcement),” said Chris … Continue reading

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Don’t Smell Old


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SanDisk, record labels announce new music format

The ever-shrinking record album–its latest iteration being the compact disc–just got a lot more compact, or shall we say, micro. Backed by four major music labels, SanDisk on Monday announced a new physical music format dubbed “SlotMusic” that’s essentially an … Continue reading

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No One Dies Alone

Seven years ago, a Catholic hospital in Eugene, Ore., launched a program that was so simple, it’s hard to believe no one had thought of it before: If terminal patients are facing their last hours with no family or friends … Continue reading

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We do not support government bailouts of private institutions.

Care to guess where you can find that sentence? From the 2008 Republican Platform Economy page on GOP.com. Link

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With Wall Street in turmoil, some in suits turn to religion

NEW YORK — As financial workers suffer through tumultuous times on Wall Street, some are turning to an old source of solace: religion. Religious leaders said attendance was up at lunchtime meetings in New York’s financial district last week, with … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

No surprise here. It turns out that once again FEMA is letting a lot of hurricane ice melt away.  I say go to schools and make a lot of snow cones and then let the leftover ice melt away.  The … Continue reading

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