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USB Patriotism

USA -USB from fi5e on Vimeo.

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Animals on Subway Maps

More here.

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What happens when a Philadelphia Eagles fan loses a bet with a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Find out HERE. Thanks for being a good sport, Kevin. And even though the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in over a decade, at least those five Super Bowl trophies keep us warm at night.

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Search for a Surname to view its Map and Statistics

Try it out here – your results come complete with an interactive map and region breakdowns. And here are the results for Geeding: Top Regions Area Name FPM MISSOURI , UNITED STATES 8.09 KANSAS , UNITED STATES 6.54 OHIO , … Continue reading

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Shopping Cart Purification System

The PureCartâ„¢ system includes a highly effective no-rinse sanitizing solution, an easy-to-use control system and a sturdy, yet portable enclosure. This complete system is currently patent-pending. The heart of PureCart Systemsâ„¢ is the sanitizing solution: 99%+ kill rates on common … Continue reading

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Stinky Job

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Temping Picture of the Day

Don’t eat before riding a roller coaster.

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Hockey Moms for Truth

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Airline seeks bald men as walking billboards

New Zealand’s national airline is offering to pay bald travelers to use their heads — literally — in a new advertising campaign. Air New Zealand said it wants 70 recruits to stand in lines in three airports — while wearing … Continue reading

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Presidential answers to the top 14 science questions facing America

Science Debate 2008 worked with the leading organizations listed to craft the top 14 questions the candidates should answer. These questions are broad enough to allow for wide variations in response, but they are specific enough to help guide the … Continue reading

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Ninja Cat

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Mini-Bag of Randomness

Good and bad news on the Southwest Airlines Blog-o-spondent contest.  I was told I will not be one of the three traveling to Las Vegas to compete at the blogging convention.  However, because of my affiliation with Southwest, they asked … Continue reading

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