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Armstrong to return for ’09 Tour

Lance Armstrong will end his retirement and hopes to compete in the 2009 Tour de France, according to a cycling journal report. The 36-year-old seven-time Tour de France champion will compete in five road races with the Astana team in … Continue reading

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An E-Mail Plea: Help Pay My Tuition!

The e-mail looks like a scam: “I have to come up with big-time cash,” writes Max Stephenson. The 18-year-old is headed for New York University, he explains, but his mom is on disability, his dad works three jobs, and all … Continue reading

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Cell phones welcome in some classrooms

Cell phones have long been anathema in the classroom, banned as a potential distraction, at best, and as a possible vehicle for cheating, at worst. But lately, educators have begun changing their tune on mobile phones. Abilene Christian University will … Continue reading

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Britney’s Cheetos Chicken Casserole Recipe?

Ingredients: 4 to 6 chicken breasts cooked and cut into bite-sized pieces 1 can of cream of chicken soup 4 hard oiled eggs 1 onion diced 1/4 c. mayonnaise 1/4 to 1/2 c. chopped celery 1 bag of Crushed Cheetos … Continue reading

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Southern Baptist professor questions if a woman can be VP

Gov. Palin’s candidacy has sparked debate among some conservative Christians. While many applaud her pro-life convictions and traditional conservative policy positions, some have raised concerns about a woman occupying high office. Some complementarians — those who affirm traditional gender roles … Continue reading

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John McCain Gets BarackRoll’d

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Nice Hurdle, Bad Tackle

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Must Be The Arizona Water

A while back I made a post about Brenda Warner.  For those of you not in the know, she is the wife of Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner.  For the longest time, she was picked on for looking more like … Continue reading

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Do you need an umbrella today?

Find out here:  UmbrellaToday.com

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Co-Occurrences of Names in the New Testament

It takes a little getting use to, but other than clicking and dragging, but sure to test out your scroll wheel and the right click feature.

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Convention Word Clouds

The words that speakers used at the two political conventions show the themes that the parties have highlighted. Republican speakers have talked about reform and character far more frequently than the Democrats. And Republicans were more likely to talk about … Continue reading

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