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Sarah Palin: A Big Gamble for Religious Conservatives

Mark DeMoss, former chief of staff to Jerry Falwell and now a leading Christian public relations executive, is hoping that Palin turns out well but has been shocked and worried by the reflexive Christian embrace of her. “Too many evangelicals … Continue reading

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Teaching Animals to Swim

After a hard day’s lolling around, these animals like nothing more than a quick dip. The water-loving creatures all live at a special park for endangered species, where they have been taught to swim by Dr Bhagavan Antle, who has … Continue reading

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10 Disgusting Smells and How to Get Rid of Them

Some smells just hang around no matter what you do. Aerosol sprays just cover them up and make things worse. Natural ways of dealing with them are far more effective. Link

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Bag of Randomness

So far my only gripe about Google Chrome is that is doens’t have the Google Toolbar.  I use the spell check, autofill, and bookmarks section of that toolbar all the time.  I just seems weird that Google wouldn’t have thought … Continue reading

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