Wal-Mart Intercom Codes

I’m not sure how valid these are, but check them out here.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Walmart was my first job, and my job was to answer the phones (and work the fitting room and lingerie area-all while pregnant! Barf!). ANYway, we never had any other code than Code Adam. I was instructed to make stuff up every once in a while to sound like we were watching shoplifters: i.e. “Security, please scan and record Area 4” which is really rather stupid.

  2. k says:

    Never heard of the numbered codes, but the color codes are correct. And yep, #96 is the code.

  3. intercom rules says:

    is it for all the walmarts??

  4. whoever says:

    Every Wal-Mart is the same. The color codes are printed on the back of every store employee badge (see http://yfrog.com/5abadgecp). Most floor personnel don't know the numerical codes, save one: you can innocently (*ahem*) irritate folks by calling a code 50 – it means "go clear the parking lot of carts"

    The linked article is hit or miss. No, they don't lock the doors when a code Adam is called – but floor personnel do watch the doors.

  5. whoever says:

    Here's the link for the actual badge: http://yfrog.com/5abadgecp

  6. dragon says:

    new code if you can find a phone on sales floor is #961

  7. bloodspill says:

    you know when there was a code yellow (lost child) or a code red (fire) what are the other codes for stuff like that?

  8. Walmart Employee says:

    I currently work at Walmart. Code White – Accident, Code Blue – Bomb, Code Red – Fire, Code Black – Weather, Code Green – Hostage, Code Orange – Chemical, Code Adam – Missing Child, Code Brown – Shooting Situation.

    Also Code 99 or just 99 is security at our store. If you hear 99 to Electronics the security team walks around in Electronics. Custodial Staff created their own codes too. We now have Code M = Mop, Code B = Broom, Code S = Spill. Also the new phones don't use #96 or #961. We now use the Message Button and the Number 8.

  9. Whovian144 says:

    It's different for all Wal-marts

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