Bag Of Randomness

  • There’s a rule in my house where all home improvement projects are stopped once football season starts.  WifeGeeding is trying to fit in giving the master bathroom a makeover which we started this weekend.  I say football season starts at the beginning of training camp (June 25) but she says football season doesn’t begin until the first week of the regular season (Sept 04).
  • The master bath makeover started with lots of painting, which I actually enjoy.  My first job in college was as part of the paint crew.  It’s about the only mark I left on campus.
  • Just like two thirds of America, WifeGeeding and I saw the latest Batman movie.  I really like the more realistic approach the last two films have taken.
  • Heath Ledger’s performance was exceptional.  Probably Oscar caliber, but I’m not sure Oscar winning.  I prefer this movie’s version of the Joker over Jack Nicholson’s, but I think Jack’s acting was better than Ledger’s.
  • What I don’t like about the new Batman movies is the Rachel Dawes character.  Not only do I not like the character, but I don’t like the actresses that have portrayed her.  I simply don’t think that Katie Holmes or Maggie Gyllenhaal have strong acting skills and I don’t think either are “leading lady” attractive.  Attractive, yes, leading lady sexy strong minded lawyer attractive, no.  Both are extremely over-rated in terms of looks and acting ability.
  • The mayor of Gotham was one of the “Others” from Lost and seemed to be wearing a lot of eye liner.  He also seemed too young to be a mayor.
  • Chicago makes a great Gotham.  Nothing against NYC, but it was great to see another city get some big city attention.
  • The film was well directed.
  • The action scenes were unbelievable.
  • Amazing camera work.
  • Aaron Eckhart’s did a so-so job.  His Two Face character was a bit limited.
  • Christian Bale’s “Batman Voice” was a little silly at times, especially when out of costume.  It is funny to hear him speak in interviews – I think he’s from the East Coast.
  • Gary Oldman is a great and under-rated actor.
  • I read that Bill Murray was considered for Batman in the early 90’s to play the Adam West kind of Batman.  I think that would have been entertaining.
  • I’m surprised Adam West hasn’t made a cameo in any of these movies.
  • I’m addicted to the hotdogs at Costco.  For $1.50 you get a drink and a quarter pound hotdog on a sesame seed bun.
  • SisterGeeding is in Vietnam visiting her biological parents with her boyfriend.  Boyfriend is now her fiance.  I am no longer the man in her life.  She also moves to NYC in the next week.
  • I want a new car, but don’t need a new car.  This has got me to thinking of what kind of car will be around in the next 5 years and has made me keep my current ride.  I wonder in the next five years will 80% of cars be some type of hybrid or will run off another source of energy other than gasoline.
  • I understand the argument for drilling for more oil to help drive down prices, but I have a concern it’s only a band aid to our energy problem.  Eventually oil has to run out, if not in 50 years then the next 500.
  • Dale Hanson has lost weight.
  • I think the only place I will watch a movie now is the Studio Movie Grill.  It’s great being able to eat a real meal at the movies for an affordable price, and it tends to weed out any annoying kids and teens.
  • That last sentence makes me sound old.
  • I still enjoy watching old Superfriends cartoons.
  • I wonder if any celebrities check out this webpage, I mean, other than Jimi.
  • I wish I could catch an airing of two old cartoons called G-Force and Star Blazers.
  • Men, if you mother is still alive, give her a call and tell her you will be coming home next weekend and have her cook your favorite meal.  There’s a lot of things I miss about my mom, and one is her cooking, and it’s sad to know I will never again be able to experience such a blessing.  Women, give mom a call and tell her your coming home to learn her recipies.
  • I bought a color HP laser printer last week on clearance for under $100 with print cartridges.
  • I find I function better with six or less hours of sleep.
  • There was a health fair last month and my cholesterol was very bad.  I started to eat a little better, and on the advice of some friends I started to take red rice yeast and cod liver oil.  Last week I ordered this cholesterol checker to monitor my results, and it was very similar to the one at the health fair.  When I checked my results over the weekend I found that my total cholesterol dropped by about 100 points.  Perhaps my new cholesterol check isn’t working right, or last month’s reading was incorrect, or those new supplements are pretty darn effective.  I’m going to continue to watch my diet, but the next time I go to the doctor I’m going to have him send a blood sample to the lab to check my cholesterol and on that same day I’m going to test that result against my new cholesterol checking device.
  • I wonder who will pick their running mate first.
  • I miss having a bunch of guy friends to do guy stuff with.
  • My 401k is taking a beating.
  • I listen to a lot of talk radio, but now that I have a longer commute I start to channel surf during the commercial breaks.  I’ve discovered MOViN 107.5 and really really like it.  It’s music from my high school and college years.  I’m not really sold on the DJ’s, but really like the music.
  • I tried my very first bratwurst yesterday, I’ll stick to hot dogs.
  • I’ve been eating a lot of bison as of late, and I actually prefer it to beef.
  • The webspace for this blog is paid up to the middle of August.  This blog is fun, but can get a bit time consuming.  I’m about 60-40 on continuing this thing.
  • Weekends sure do fly by.
  • WifeGeeding is starting to become unbeatable at Wii golf and bowling.  Oh, and she has a mean serve in Wii tennis.
  • I’m still trying to get use to Twitter.
  • I love the on demand service from DirecTV.  WifeGeeding and I have caught up on all 30 Rock shows we missed last season.  We think it’s the funniest thing on TV in the history of ever, it’s just so clever and witty.
  • A pastor made fun of me for still using Hotmail.  Hey, if it’s not broke . . .
  • I have never seen a John Wayne movie.
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13 Responses to Bag Of Randomness

  1. Mike Spears says:


  2. Patrick says:

    You must continue this blog forever. The End.

  3. dan says:

    Thoughts on BON-thoughts: 1) I’d like to see the number on wanting to continue BON at closer to 100% 2) I’ve seen most of the John Wayne movies and the only two I would recommend are “The Searchers” and “In Harms Way”. 2.a) For a guy who sat out WWII, John Wayne did well portraying soldiers in war movies.3) Speaking of feeling old about hating having annoying kids and teenagers at movies, I wish I could find more movies on the Movie Channels that weren’t laced with F-bombs 4) It seems like the only 401k tactic in a market like this is to keep buying stocks 5) I love 30 Rock, but have never cared for Tracey Morgan 5) I read in the WSJ that some 3-5 year old hybrids are holding at 80% of the purchase price.

  4. J. J. says:

    What is WifeGeedings best golf score? I also have seen most John Wayne movies, but I would also recommed Big Jake, Rio Lobo, Rio Bravo, Chisum, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Quiet Man.

  5. dan says:

    I forgot about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance [one of my favorites because it had Jimmy Stewart in it] I also forgot about True Grit in which Wayne did what some critics thought was a parody of himself. Very good movie

  6. JB says:

    Don’t quit the blog. Also check out McClintock. It’s one of the funniest “westerns” other than Blazing Saddles and John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara are great together. They were also together in The Quiet Man. I took a Maymester film class and all we did was watch the classics.

  7. momma says:

    I second McClintock and The Quiet Man….both are great.

    Shame you didn’t learn some of your mom’s recipes. That is the last great thing a parent/grand-parent can leave behind.

    I too tell everyone about the Costco hot dog deal. You’ve got to try their Churro’s too. YUM!

    Me and the Man love 30 Rock. You’ve got to record it so you can pause it when you’re laughing so hard and you miss the next witty comment.

  8. jonathan says:

    use twitter more, and blog less. It’s liberating!

  9. woody says:

    I find that as I get older, l have less tolerance for kids/teens. When I was a kid, it was a grown-ups’ world. Now that i’m grown-up, it seems the world is catering to kids. I’ll get my revenge as a senior citizen, though.
    I’m pretty sure Ralph Hardy checks your blog on a daily basis. How’s that for celebrity?
    Christian Bale was born in Wales and raised in England. Adopts different accents for each role he plays. His father was married to Gloria Steinem.
    I watched his first Batman movie just the other day. It was very good. I am looking forward to the new one.
    Never seen a John Wayne movie? NEVER?! I suggest you drop everything and watch “The Searchers” immediately! His best performance. Follow that with “True Grit”, “The Man who shot Liberty Valance”, and “The Shootist”. The thing about the last one is that it was his last movie, and he was dying of cancer, playing an aging gunslinger who was dying of cancer. Plus Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, Richard Boone, James Stewart, Scatman Crothers, Harry Morgan. Good stuff


  10. Peggy says:

    Okay !!! As a John Wayne devotee, I am agast!! The Cowboys, if you can watch it and not admire the man (if not the actor)
    I would be suprised. Perhaps, I love his movies so much because he was so admirable as a human being. He had his bad, but his heart and his character made him someone to be admired. You and many others may not have agreed with his politics, but I can always admire a person who takes a stand and stays there.
    Not to mention, that he was quite the looker in his younger years, and because he reminds me so much of my Grandad and my Dad.
    His gravestone reads “Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”

  11. Haymoose says:

    The Quiet Man is the best John Wayne movie because he is not “playing John Wayne.”

  12. Haymoose says:

    Also, I heard a rumor last year that Speilberg has pickud up the rights to make a Star Blazers feature film. It is a great rumor, I loved those shaws, but the Battleship in space thing has always stuck with me, espacially the Wave Motion Gun. You can catch many of the old episodes on Youtube…

  13. Haymoose says:

    Oh, I agree with “The Searchers” as well.

    While you are at it, you must check out a few Gary Cooper movies too!

    High Noon, The Westerner, Pride of the Yankees, Sergeant York,
    Meet John Doe, Mr. Deeds goes to Town, & Unconquered to name a few of my favorites…not necessarily in that order.

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