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TiVo Gets Its Own Shopping Channel: Amazon

Online shopping addicts beware. A TiVo-Amazon partnership will soon allow TiVo customers to purchase items via Amazon.com without ever leaving the couch. With Product Purchase, TiVo users can click over to Amazon on the TV screen using their remote control … Continue reading

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What can you buy for five dollars?

To explore the relative value of five dollars we are collecting examples from around the world by asking people to submit photos of objects or services that cost the equivalent of $5. fivedollarcomparison.org

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The ajolote


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Christian Band Asks Atheist Guitarist to Step Down

Christian metalcore band Haste the Day has asked guitarist Jason Barnes to step down after months of spiritual searching by their close friend concluded with his loss of faith in God. “This is going to come as a shock to … Continue reading

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John McCain is Really Old

Regardless of their political stripes, it seems that all Americans can come together and agree on one thing this campaign season: John McCain is Really Old. Of course, being the oldest person ever to seek a first term as US … Continue reading

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Wolf spider covered in baby spiders

Found one in my pool. It’s always so hard moving one of these. Should the mother spider feel threatened it will put out a signal that tells all the baby spiders to jump off and run away. So yeah, moving … Continue reading

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Lawn Art


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A Six-Legged Deer Discovered After Attack

A mutant, six-legged deer was discovered in Everett Springs, Georgia in the US after being viciously attacked by two dogs.  The little one has two distinct pelvises and uses one leg from each to walk. It also had two tails … Continue reading

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Screech Writes ‘Saved by the Bell’ Tell-all

Sometimes a book deal comes along that you never knew you were waiting for, but, once it’s announced, you realize it has been your secret wish all along. Which explains our reaction to the news that Dustin Diamond, whose high-pitched … Continue reading

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Live dinosaur spotted in LA’s Museum of Natural History

Here are two videos of a mini T-Rex dinosaur on the loose inside LA’s Museum of Natural History. No folks, this isn’t some CGI animation, it’s a dinosaur suit being manipulated by someone. Wish something like this would happen here … Continue reading

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Heisman Winner Declines Spot in Playboy Lineup for Religious Reasons

One year after winning college football’s highest honor, University of Florida star Tim Tebow was pulled from consideration for Playboy’s pre-season All-American team because the magazine conflicts with his Christian beliefs, a school official confirmed. Tebow, who last year became … Continue reading

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Hats of Meat

Remembering the past, cherishing the present, and celebrating the future of meat hats! Link

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