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World’s Ugliest M&M

My afternoon snack was a bag of peanut M&M’s and to my surprise I was greated with what I consider the world’s ugliest M&M.  Keep in mind I didn’t do a thing other than just open the package.

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Interesting Duck Pic

View BlueSkyinBY’s map Taken in Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture (See more photos or videos here) 35°36′ 05″ N, 139°41′ 24″ E35.60125139.68996 I wonder how this duck did this… I watched it for a few minutes – no shaking, no flutter, just … Continue reading

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Why Batman Could Exist–But Not for Long

Batman is the most down-to-earth of all the superheroes. He has no special powers from being born on a distant world or bitten by a radioactive spider. All that protects him from the Joker and other Gotham City villains are … Continue reading

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Concern over youngest bodybuilder

A TEN-year-old girl’s decision to enter a bodybuilding competition has attracted support from her parents but criticism from health and sport experts who say it is inappropriate. Article

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They Had to Start Somewhere

Before they were dotted all over the map, and on every street corner — popular chain restaurants had to start somewhere. So where? Well, in the case of Kentucky Fried Chicken, the first franchise location was not where you might … Continue reading

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Fingerfood – ultimate party multi-tasking

How to balance your pig-in-a-blanket with your Dom Perignon… that is the question. Fortunately, we’ve got the answer -— charming little plates with rings that fit right on your finger. Now you can balance your glass and your hors d’ouevres, and look positively … Continue reading

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Bi-Racial Couple Has Bi-Racial Twins

A German woman has given birth to twins with different colored skin – a one in a million occurrence, medical experts said. Florence Addo-Gerth, 35, gave birth to the two boys, Ryan and Leo, on Friday, July 11th, according to … Continue reading

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Disney’s first black princess leads to race row

Originally called The Frog Princess, its heroine was to be a chambermaid called Maddy working for a spoilt white debutante in 1920s New Orleans. But it sparked a backlash from critics who claimed it reinforced prejudice and demeaned black people. … Continue reading

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Jesus Shirt for the Mac Lover


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Holy Texts

Pope Benedict will text message thousands of young Catholics on their mobile phones during World Youth Day in Sydney in July, hoping going digital will help him connect better with a younger audience. The Pope will text daily messages of … Continue reading

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PetPocket Bird Carrier

* Vest-style pet carrier keeps your bird close and hands free * Mesh fabric promotes airflow and visibility for added safety * Removable bottom tray, wood perch and more add convenience Easily transport your bird – to the veterinarian or … Continue reading

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Bag Of Randomness

There’s a rule in my house where all home improvement projects are stopped once football season starts.  WifeGeeding is trying to fit in giving the master bathroom a makeover which we started this weekend.  I say football season starts at … Continue reading

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