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Hot Off The Presses

The new Dallas Observer hit newsstands today and I can’t find one copy after hitting four different places that usually has a surplus of the publication.  I bet a lot of Ticket listeners are grabbing them up to read about … Continue reading

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Reoccurring Dream

I think this is the third time I had this dream, but I keep dreaming that I’m restoring my dad’s car. No, it was not his beloved 1986 dark blue Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, which kind of looks like the one … Continue reading

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The Biblical Side of Matthew McConaughey

The often shirtless wonder and girlfriend Camila Alves have named their li’l boy Levi Alves McConaughey, the actor’s rep confirms to E! News. So how’d they come up with it? “Levi was another name for the apostle Matthew in the … Continue reading

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White Noise Generator

Instructions: * Slide the orb * Find comfort zone * Enjoy auditory zen Uses of White Noise: * Aid Sleep * Enhance Privacy * Block Distractions * Mask Tinnitus * Configure Audio Equipment * Soothe Migraines * and more… Link

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Teleprompter Thought

I never really thought about how much politicians use a teleprompter, most of the time I just think they are so use to public speaking they don’t need such an aid.  This makes me wonder who else may use teleprompters … Continue reading

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Team Canada’s Olympic Uniforms

Canada’s Olympic athletes will wear red and white uniforms decorated with a fusion of Canadian and Chinese symbols at the Beijing Summer Games. The new uniforms contain super-light material that will help the athletes stay cool during the expected high … Continue reading

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It pays to use an Indian public toilet

Last month, authorities in a southern Indian state fined people caught urinating in public view for a few days. This week, officials in a remote town started offering people money for using public urinals. In India, a drive to ensure … Continue reading

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Made me think of Louie the Lightning Bug

Here’s a little bit on Louie and a comerical I remember from my childhood:

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Bubble Calendar

A poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop everyday. Link

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Sonic Boom

Check it out in greater detail from clarkmoody’s Flickr page.

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Interesting Chicago News

I think Amy Jacobson’s Wikipedia entry sums it all up nicely: Amy Jacobson was a general assignment reporter for WMAQ, the NBC television affiliate in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from 1996 to 2007. On July 6, 2007, a videotape of Jacobson, … Continue reading

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What’s up with former Texas Senator Phil Gramm

Former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm has emerged as the key behind-the-scenes economics/Wall Street guy for John McCain and is being touted as the treasury secretary in waiting. Since 2002, Gramm has been an executive with the U.S. operations of UBS, … Continue reading

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