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Dallas Area U2 Eucharist service

The Uptown Church is inviting you to an interactive worship service that will leave you feeling great and uplifted. Join them for a Sunday evening service starting at 7pm in the Main Church for a U2 Eucharist with the Uptown … Continue reading

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Lightning Hits DFW Lockheed Martin

One of my most loyal readers sent me the following email, this incident happened outside his office: Might be blogworthy. I thought lightning was suppose to protect you if you are in a car…the wheels being rubber and grounded to … Continue reading

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Nerdy Lost Stuff

During the season ender I noticed a fake commercial for Octagon Global Recruiting.  Being the nerdy lost fan that I am, I visited the website and submitted my email address.  Today I received an email from them and thought I … Continue reading

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Diet.com: The Photoshop Effect

Join Sarah from diet.com as she gets a Photoshop Tutorial and a makeover. Discover the truth behind adobe Photoshop and photo retouch. Weight loss controversy and celebrity deceit, what is real? What is fake? See Sarah’s before and after picture.

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Upload your image and start using the cartoonizer tool to warp, sketch and color your cartoon. Add all kinds of frames, graphics and shapes to your design and then share it on your favorite social networks including FaceBook, Myspace, Hi5, … Continue reading

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Star Wars Dance Off

The fun starts around the 30 second mark.  

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Mean Little Doggie

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