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Substitute Teacher and Student Fight

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Random Former Cowboys Sighting

The families of Dan Campbell and Marco Rivera were eating together a few tables from us at the BJ’s in Lewisville.  I’m a little surprised they would be in Lewisville of all places.

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What is GasBankUSA? GasBankUSAâ„¢ will be the first of its kind that allows consumers to lock in a fixed price for gasoline. GasBankUSA leverages consumers’ concern for price stability in a commodity that fluctuates on a daily basis due to … Continue reading

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Evolution of Movie Credits

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High Tide Heels

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Arlington Funeral Terrible Weather

I was standing in Arlington Cemetery in V.A when a huge storm was rolling in. I noticed these Air force soldiers standing so perfectly still. As the weather took a turn for the worse, these magnificent soldiers stood there ground. … Continue reading

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Out of this world pictures

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft is now reaching the end of its four-year prime mission (on June 30th), and about to enter into its extended mission. What a nice excuse for a retrospective of some of the great images sent back home … Continue reading

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Old Disney Texas Rumor Resurfaces

As I kid in the early 80’s I remember hearing rumors that Disney was going to build a park in Texas to gap the difference between their parks in California and Florida.  Of course that never happened, but I did find … Continue reading

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Obama’s VP?

Last month I asked who should be McCain’s running mate.  From the response I got, it appears that Huckabee would be a good choice.  So to be balanced, who do you think would make a good running mate for Obama?  … Continue reading

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Japanese patient’s ‘tumour’ turns out to be 25-year-old towel

TOKYO (AFP) – Doctors who carried out surgery on a Japanese man to remove a “tumour” had good news and bad news for him. He did not have cancer — but the “growth” that had been causing him pain was … Continue reading

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Too Much Detail

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No Eyebrow Blog

Hot Chicks With No Eyebrows Without their eyebrows are these hot chicks still hot? Rate their hotness now! Tell us what you think! Link Don’t let the title fool you. Not all chicks on this blog are, as evident by … Continue reading

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