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Plainclothes officers in trouble – didn’t recognize off-duty chief

At least one cop has been disciplined for ordering the NYPD’s highest-ranking uniformed black officer out of his auto while the three-star chief was off-duty and parked in Queens, the Daily News has learned. Full Article

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Random Political Thought

I think a good running mate for McCain would be Colin Powell, but I doubt Powell wants back in the spotlight. For a while I thought Condi would be a good choice for McCain, but I think he wants to … Continue reading

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Stolen MacBook Victim Uses Screen Sharing and iSight to Bust Thieves

A White Plains, NY woman who was the victim of burglary, including her MacBook, used the Back To My Mac screen sharing feature to turn on her webcam and capture images of the unwitting culprits using the computer. As a … Continue reading

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1942 Star Wars


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blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine. Unlike other multimedia search engines that attempt to re-purpose technology built for the Text Web, blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis … Continue reading

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NASA Offers $5000 a Month For You to Lie in Bed

Need a break from the working, walking, and standing required by the demanding and stressful life you lead? Well, pack your bags for Houston because NASA wants to pay you $17,000 to stay in bed for 90 straight days. The … Continue reading

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Praying for Papers

This is a troubling time in the newspaper business. Everyday we hear stories from papers who are laying off employees and struggling to stay afloat. Our idea at Praying for Papers is to encourage anyone who is touched by this … Continue reading

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Fully Functional NES controller/ coffee table/ storage box


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50 Things You Didn’t Know About Disneyland

I found this one particularly interesting: The spooky voice that narrates the Haunted Mansion ride is that of the Pillsbury Doughboy. An actor named Paul Frees, who was to Disney what Mel Blanc was to Warner Brothers, supplied the voices … Continue reading

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No Beef

LONDON: British Airways has taken beef off its menu for economy-class passengers on most international flights in a bid to avoid offending Hindus. The carrier, whose second-biggest long-haul market is to India, has instead switched to a fish pie or … Continue reading

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Kids, don’t mess with a tuba player

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