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R2-D2 Digital Audio and Video Projector

R2-D2, an icon of cinema and a comfortable fixture in any home theater, actually uses a projector in the films — so of course he’d make the perfect DVD projector at home! Able to project from a distance of over … Continue reading

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Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants


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Indiana Jones Travel Experiences from Expedia

Just in time for the release of the fourth Indy film, Expedia has teamed up with world-renowned outfitters G.A.P. Adventures to offer ten exclusive trips worthy of the Joneses. Indiana Jones Travel Experiences ($1670 and up) are specialized excursions to … Continue reading

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Made Me Laugh

“5 Cats that Look Like Wilford Brimley” Link

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Papa John’s Offers 23-Cent Pizza After LeBron Shirt

CLEVELAND — A pizza chain that stirred up controversy for sponsoring a LeBron James T-shirt is trying to make it up to Cleveland fans. Officials said it all started when a Washington, D.C.-area Papa John’s gave away shirts with LeBron’s … Continue reading

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She doesn’t recognize her sister

One of the models has been replaced with the contestant’s sister. It takes her and her mother several minutes to recognize their sister/daughter.

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Don’t Wiz on the Electric Fence

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Shark Surfing

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