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Three Times A Lady?

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa teacher accused of having sex with two 14-year-old students was behind bars for the third time Tuesday morning. Stephanie Ragusa, 28, was arrested Monday and faces two new charges of unlawful sexual activity with a … Continue reading

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British pilot arrested after trying to land at George Bush’s Texas ranch

A British pilot flying solo around the world was arrested by U.S. police today after trying to land his plane at George Bush’s ranch in Texas. Retired vet Maurice Kirk, 63, wanted to “drop in” on the president to say … Continue reading

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Dog Survives 8 Days Buried In Explosion Rubble

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — An English springer spaniel that had been missing since a Breckenridge building explosion on April 19 was found alive Sunday, buried in the rubble, her injured owner said. The dog, named Lulu, was uncovered in the rubble … Continue reading

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Online Dating for the Intelligent

IntelligentPeople.com is a new online dating and networking community exclusively for intelligent people. IntelligentPeople.com offers you the opportunity to meet and form relationships with people who, like you, have an IQ higher than the average person. To become a member, … Continue reading

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Lyre Bird

This bird pulls a Michael Winslow – and if you don’t get that reference then you really don’t have an appreciation for fine 80’s cinema. The good stuff starts right around the 45 second mark, but the really good stuff … Continue reading

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300-pound inmate complains Ark. jail doesn’t feed him well

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – An inmate awaiting trial on a murder charge is suing the county, complaining he has lost more than 100 pounds because of the jailhouse menu. Broderick Lloyd Laswell says he isn’t happy that he’s down to 308 … Continue reading

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They said it couldn’t be done. Mixing Tetris and arm wrestling… not possible. But just like Stallone in “Over the Top,” the impossible happened, dreams came true, tears were shed. I give you Tresling: Not just a two-player version of … Continue reading

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Seems like an easy record to beat, especially on a college campus

A group of 127 Notre Dame students broke the record for the World’s Longest Spoon Train in the middle of South Quad Thursday afternoon. Junior Charlie Mahoney originally proposed the idea to his friends as a joke, but the scheme … Continue reading

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Entire Bible being read aloud on Capitol Hill

CAPITOL HILL (AP)- The 19th annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon has started in a cold drizzle. The public reading began Sunday evening and is continuing non-stop, day and night, until the final “Amen” of Revelation is read aloud this … Continue reading

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Praying for lower gas prices

Rocky Twyman has a radical solution for surging gasoline prices: prayer. Twyman – a community organizer, church choir director and public relations consultant from the Washington, D.C., suburbs – staged a pray-in at a San Francisco Chevron station on Friday, … Continue reading

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‘Free Tibet’ flags made in China

Police in southern China have discovered a factory manufacturing Free Tibet flags, media reports say. The factory in Guangdong had been completing overseas orders for the flag of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Workers said they thought they were just making colourful … Continue reading

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For those of you in need of an instructional workout video this morning

And I find it funny I found this video off a blog titled “Liberally Lean”

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