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Dogs Corner Jaguar

A rare wild jaguar seen and photographed in the United States by hunter Warner Glenn is bayed by hounds during a hunting trip at an unknown location in southwestern New Mexico, February 20, 2006. Glenn and other members of his … Continue reading

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Reach in and touch the inner cow

As weird as this may sound, I mean literally reach in and touch the inside of the cow! In case you didn’t know animals can live perfectly well with a permanent hole in their stomachs. Scientists call these surgically made … Continue reading

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Famous art depicted in The Simpsons.

The website is in French but there are lots of pictures. Link

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Google’s Top 17 Easter Eggs, Gags, and Hoaxes

Google makes your life easier with great search, but did you also know it’s loaded with pranks, goofs, and put-ons? We show you the best of the bunch. Link I really got a kick out of this one: You could … Continue reading

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Vince Carter in High School

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For my fellow fans of the action figure and the 80’s cartoon

The live action movie G.I. Joe hits theaters in Aug 2009, but here is a picture of Ray Park as Snake Eyes. Link

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Christianity Today names 2008 Book Award winners

This year, 49 publishers nominated 359 titles published in 2007. CT editors selected the top books in each category, and then panels of judges — one panel per category — voted. In the end, we chose 10 winners and gave … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing Gone Wrong in Russia


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