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Optimus Prime and the Evolution of Dance

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Top Ten Moments in the Race for “Pastor-in-Chief”

10. Mitt Romney is asked if he believes “every word” of the Bible (CNN/You Tube debate (11-28-07). 9. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien asks John Edwards to “name his greatest sin” (CNN/Sojourners town hall 6-26-07). 8. James Dobson tells a reporter he … Continue reading

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Another reaseon to breast feed?


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Bacon Cups


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Star Wars Infatuation

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For Donuts?

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Kiddo Kidkeeper

Kiddo is an innovative proximity alarm that can prevent children from getting lost, being snatched and having accidents. It has two units: a transmitter, which is attached to the child, and a receiver, which is carried by an adult. The … Continue reading

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