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NFL Gives Churches Super Sunday Blessing

The National Football League decided that churches will be able to show the Super Bowl on any size screen they want. According to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, commissioner Roger Goodell informed Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) that the league would not … Continue reading

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Turning any monitor in to a 3D VR display

This will be the future of video gaming.  The video is a little long and a tad bit technical, but pretty darn neat. If anything, check the video out from the 2:30 spot. I was also impressed with the part of the … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse from the Moon


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Interesting Job Title


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Odds of Dying

The National Safety Council has been compiling and reporting on injury data every year since the 1920s. The table below was prepared in response to frequent inquiries to the Council concerning the odds of dying from or being killed by … Continue reading

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Lost Question

From last night’s episode, it appears that Kate has taken Clair’s baby Aaron as her own for one reason or another. Does that mean that Aaron is one of the Oceanic 6?  So far we know the Oceanic 6 includes … Continue reading

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Obama Mariachi Video


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W Busts A Move In Africa

I start to crack up when he takes off his jacket and tries to pull the crowd in.

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This kid really likes Rick Astley

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Fastest-Growing of U.S. Faiths

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the fastest-growing church body in the U.S. and Canada, now with more than 1 million members, according to new figures that track church membership in the U.S. and Canada.Although Jehovah’s Witnesses ranked 24th on the list of … Continue reading

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