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Lost Ratings

I found the following chart from sl-lost.com.  A larger version is here. Season 3 was when they took that mid-season hiatus.  HUGE mistake at the time, but it looks like the rating have rebounded somewhat with the start of this … Continue reading

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For You Lost Fanatics

A phone number appeared on the TV screen regarding the crash of Oceanic 815: 888-548-0034 When you give it a call you hear a nice little message. As for who is Ben’s contact on the ship, my money is on … Continue reading

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Hitler and the Patriots

Language Warning

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Pretty Sunset

Hi- Res

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What I was listening to about 15 years ago – DC Talk

If you attended any church youth group in the 90’s you definately got your share of DC Talk.  It’s been a long time since I’ve listend to “Luv Is A Verb” and “Jesus Is Still Alright With Me” – surprisingly … Continue reading

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BON Approval Rating Poll

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Convicted Pedophile Shot, Killed By Deputies Was Bible Study Teacher

A 62-year-old convicted pedophile shot and killed while holding a flare gun Wednesday was an adult Bible study teacher at a Central Florida church, police said. Sheriff’s deputies and Orlando police officers were performing surveillance on the man, who was … Continue reading

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Nobody Likes The Government

WASHINGTON – It’s almost as if people can barely stand the thought of President Bush and Congress anymore. Bush reached his lowest approval rating in The Associated Press-Ipsos poll on Friday as only 30 percent said they like the job … Continue reading

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