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John McCain’s Citizenship Status & Eligibility for the Presidency Called into Question

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was born August 29, 1936 in the Panama Canal Zone on a U.S. military base to two United States citizens. Because of the location of his birth, McCain’s eligibility for the presidency is now in question.The … Continue reading

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Andy Rooney rebuffs street evangelist at Super Bowl

I’m note what I find more interesting about this article from the Baptist Press: That Andy Rooney states he’s an atheist or The name of the street evangelist As thousands of people thronged Phoenix for the Super Bowl, a small contingent … Continue reading

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For fans of Stewart, Colbert, and Conan

Last night was absolute gold.  It was so great it caused me to have an asthma attack and sent me to the hospital.

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My First Ever Asthma Attack

I never had asthma, so when I couldn’t take in a full breath I started to freak out.  This all happened about two in the morning and WifeGeeding sensing a good blogging opportunity decided to snap this pic with her … Continue reading

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Lack of posts today

Due to illness.

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Hillbilly Desktop Calculator

Ten toes to count from so you can leave your shoes on. Made from Cedar in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Link

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Bacon Pig

What was your pigskin pick for the Superbowl? Mine was bacon. Err, long drawn out and ludicrous analogy here: Superbowl ~ football ~ pigskin ~ bacon-wrapped pork loaf. It’ll become clear later. Here’s the thought. People have been building all … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson’s children unveiled

The children of pop star Michael Jackson have been pictured for the first time without their customary disguises on a family outing in Las Vegas. The 49-year-old singer usually keeps Prince Michael I, 10, Paris, nine and Prince Michael II, … Continue reading

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Thousands of biscuits washed ashore after weekend of gale-force winds wreck ships


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