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An Interesting Picture

Especially when you see the larger version here.

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New Baptist Covenant Convention Starts Today

NEW YORK (ABP) — The Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant meeting will feature some notable guests: Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Tony Campolo and John Grisham, to name a few. But after the star-studded dust settles, what will … Continue reading

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For those that can’t stand the Pats . . .


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Eavesdropping on W and State of the Union Analysis

Jeanne Moos provides an cute little report on the State of the Union.  Watch the video here. [Thanks, Moldy!]

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Teacher crosses line between church and state

I found the most interesting part of the story is that the teacher’s first name is Wally.  I can’t recall ever meeting or knowing a Wally other than a TV character. IRASBURG — Mel Downs doesn’t object to academic discussions … Continue reading

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Stealthy Cat

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Interesting Super Bowl XLII Field Fact

The grass the two teams will play on was grown at a sod farm in Alabama and trucked here just after the New Year in 18 refrigerated trucks, then laid directly over the sod that had been used for the … Continue reading

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Do not wash these jeans for six months

These were the peculiar maintenance suggestions for my newly purchased pair of bluejeans, made with raw denim and sold unwashed and untreated so they can form to your body and your daily routine. Link

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Huckabee Defends Church Fundraising

What surprises me the most about this article is that Fort Worth has a suburb called Newark.  I lived in this area all my life and have never known about that suburb. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he did nothing … Continue reading

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In case you ever wondered

I can’t afford to have BagOfNothing.com to be hosted on it’s own dedicated server, so I have to pay for a shared server.  My website is shared with 499 other websites which are listed after the jump.

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Governor’s son sells ‘Don’t Drop the Soap’

TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) — The son of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is peddling a board game titled “Don’t Drop the Soap,” a prison-themed game he created as part of a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design. John Sebelius, … Continue reading

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Another thought about this picture

I made a post earlier today about how great McCain’s wife and daughter look in this photo, but upon further inspection I find the way he is holding his wife’s wrist a bit interesting. 

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