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It looks like McCain may end up being the GOP nominee

And his daughter, Meghan (on the left in case you couldn’t tell her apart from her mother), is keeping a blog about helping her father campaign. http://McCainBlogette.com/ She even takes the time to list her musical playlists. Link Four play lists … Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church’s Heath Ledger Message

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FYI – BON to be worked on later this evening

I know that BON has had some performance issues as of late.  I called my hosting company and they say everything looks fine on the backend. I’m going to try to look into it later this evening, so don’t be … Continue reading

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Silence of the Lambs Action Figures

Prepare to explore the darker side of humanity with this Minimates box set featuring Clarice Starling, the twisted Dr Lecter, Buffalo Bill and the ingenious Hannibal the Cannibal! All four Minimates feature all-new Art Asylum sculpts and accessories, including Hannibal’s … Continue reading

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Internet Doctor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Dr. Howard Stark’s office is quiet. Very quiet. No patients sit in his waiting room. No receptionist answers the telephone. Stark does not have a receptionist. Instead, he and his assistant Michele Norris-Bell check e-mail alerts on … Continue reading

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For those that don’t care much for Tom Petty and the Super Bowl halftime show

Former NFL superstar Deion Sanders is getting his own reality series. The series is called Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love and will air on Oxygen. The series will spotlight the small town Texas home life of Deion Sanders, his … Continue reading

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Update from Eric

Eric is a friend of mine from college and I post his letters from time to time.  It’s been six months since he last wrote, and in this letter he talks about his promotion from Captain to Major and leading … Continue reading


Have the Sonic guys help you invite a friend to lunch


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Truth in Gaydar

Talk about “gaydar.” In just a fraction of a second, people can accurately judge the sexual orientation of other individuals by glancing at their faces, according to new research. The finding builds on the growing theory that the subconscious mind … Continue reading

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50 things I’ve learned in 50 years

I’m turning 50 next week. So I thought I’d take the opportunity here to list 50 things I’ve learned in 50 years—truths gleaned from experience and the words of others that guide, inspire and sometimes haunt me: 1. It’s better … Continue reading

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Lobster Fight

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You know you want to try it . . .

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and there really isn’t … Continue reading