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This might explain why he was in the ballet and tried out for the bobsled team

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia football legend Herschel Walker is expected to reveal in an upcoming book that he has multiple personalities — a revelation that surprises the man who coached the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner. “That’s all news to me,” … Continue reading

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U23D – Dallas

I really want to take the day off work and catch the first showing on Wednesday morning like a silly teenage girl, but there are some folks that want to watch it with me so I’m going to hold off … Continue reading


Depp visits children’s hospital as Captain Jack Sparrow

Actor Johnny Depp secretly visited London’s Great Ormond St Hospital yesterday to donate a million pounds to thank staff for saving his daughter’s life. Depp arrived unexpectedly at the renowned children’s hospital where eight-year-old Lily-Rose was treated last year when … Continue reading

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Random Food Thought

I know a Chipotle burrito is loaded with calories, but I wasn’t aware that the tortilla alone has 330 calories.  Source Compare that with the Weight Watchers Smart Ones I normally eat for lunch, lets say the Fajita Chicken Supreme.  That’s … Continue reading


Interesting LBJ Pictures



Vader Sessions

Clips of James Earl Jones’ voice from other movies are put into this Star Wars clip.

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Toast Stampers

Pirate Toast    Love Toast    Holy Toast

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In case you never knew . . .

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