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Ever searched for “Here” and “There” on Google Maps?

Well, here is your result. Link The trip is just under eight hours.

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I wonder . . .

I keep finding story after story about female teachers having sexual encounters with high school students. I wonder if this kind of stuff has always been happening and was never reported, or is it just now some sort of crazy … Continue reading


Star Wars Guide to The Candidates


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Teen warns Obama about trademark

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – A teenager is claiming he coined the phrase “Change Rocks” long before Barack Obama used it for fundraising concerts. But lawyers for Stefan Doyno, a 19-year-old who sells rings and pendants with interchangeable, twist-off stones, aren’t … Continue reading

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The new Laser TV from Mitsubishi provides the best colores yet

Those mad scientists at Mitsubishi have built the ultimate entertainment weapon—the laser TV! Lasers shooting out of a television screen isn’t as scary as it may sound. But it does have one big benefit-color. Lasers can be tuned to the … Continue reading

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The Indian version of Thriller

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A pledge to go a year without buying anything new

Karen Heimdahl used to be part of the throngs that crowd area malls at Christmas. But this year, bound by the Compact — a growing social movement in which members vow to buy nothing new for a year — she … Continue reading

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USB Desk Vacuum


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Worst than Internet pop-up windows?

Mirrors that displays advertisements. Link But probably not as annoying as those Flash advertisements found on the Dallas Morning News website.

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Top 5 things I saw in America which, as a Canadian, freaked me right out

I’m back from my vacation down in the United States, and will return to blogging with regularity as soon as possible. To celebrate my return to this frigid, yet comparatively sane country, I felt it worthwhile to relay a list … Continue reading


How It’s Made – BACON


Any readers out there with a third nipple?

Check out the mission statement for this website: To help those people with additional nipples grow and function as productive members of society through knowledge, counseling, self-empowerment, and regular encouragement. Link FYI – There’s not one single picture on that … Continue reading

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