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A Charlie Brown Christmas

A few thoughts about this Christmas special I’m always drawn to: I’m still adjusting to all Peanuts cartoons being shown on ABC, I’m use to seeing them on CBS all of my life. I totally love the music. I blame … Continue reading


A computer inside a piano

What you see pictured is a beautiful 1904 Chickering Upright Grand Piano, refinished to its original splendor. To make it a set, a matching refurbished antique Piano Stool is also included. Wrapped in magnificent mahogany, the piano’s warm tones and … Continue reading

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So they’ll be using plastic snow . . .

When Benjamin Braddock learned that plastics are the future, he probably wasn’t thinking snow. But Snowflex, a polymer-based snow substitute, is being used to cover a ski resort…in Texas. Bearfire Resorts believes their Texan slopes will be ready to go … Continue reading

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NFL Week 12 Recap

This week I was 12/16, which puts me 111/176 or 63%, one point higher than last week. Packers at Lions – Correct Jets at Cowboys – Correct Colts at Falcons – Correct Saints at Panthers – Correct Vikings at Giants … Continue reading

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Doctor, why don’t football players wee-wee after a game?

That question is responsible for the creation of Gatorade, whose invertor died today at the age of 80. Link Which in turn made a lot of people want to be like Mike, which helped make Mike a very very rich … Continue reading

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Sofa Portraits

  Sofa Portraits is a series of images showing my daughter, Isabel, as she watches television. These portraits portray the flawed physicality of childhood and its mental and physical freedoms – but also the constraints that are applied by the … Continue reading

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Star Trek’s 10 Cheesiest Classic Creatures


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Bible Blair feared being called ‘nutter’

TONY BLAIR has admitted that his Christianity played a “hugely important” role during his premiership but he was forced to play down his religious conviction for fear of being seen by the public as “a nutter”. In his most frank … Continue reading

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If you need a kidney, consider making friends with this man

The 28-year-old Hamilton man has just found out he could have five kidneys, instead of the usual two. Mr Nordstrom, who captained his side to a club rugby competition win this year and also played for the Waikato B team, … Continue reading

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The Plate Flipper

The Plate Flipper is a universal license plate flipping bracket that will fit all vehicles or motorcycles. With just a flip of a switch you can flip your plate down to a 90 degree angle “Out of Sight”. Put your … Continue reading

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The Germiest Places in America

I fear the gas pump handle, but it didn’t make this list of twelve. Got a little time to kill?  Try to guess the list yourself by writing them on paper and see how close you can get. Link

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Unconventional Dance Moves