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It’s a Lose/Lose situation

Bush tries to show compassion and tours the devastation of the California wild fires.  In doing so, he prevents the residents from getting to their homes because of the traffic jam his security causes. President’s visit snarls traffic for RB returnees … Continue reading

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Political Debate Bingo!

Print out this handy card to have in front of you the next time you watch a political debate. We estimate that it will take you approximately 38 seconds to get to BINGO. Link

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Very Tight Parking

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I’ve never seen you around here before


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HOF Quiz

A quiz that incorporates numerous hall of fames. Link

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Jello Art


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Tempting Article/Picture of the day

This is so awesomely disgustingly great I had to post it. There’s a louse that consumes a fish’s tongue and replaces it with itself. Cymothoa exigua was discovered inside the mouth of a red snapper bought from a London market. … Continue reading

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Cardboard Tube Fighting League

The CTFL was created out of a need to better train and arm citizens with cardboard tubes. While many speculate that our fore fathers, when drafting the constitution, originally intended the forth amendment to refer to fire arms, there is … Continue reading

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