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Nice View

Large pic here.

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One Lonely Moose

More pictures that you probably don’t want to see here.

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Former FEMA Director and Director of Corporate Strategy for Cotton Companies Michael D. Brown Available for Interviews Regarding California Wild Fires

Michael D. Brown, Former FEMA Director and Current Director of Cotton Companies, one of the leading disaster preparedness and restoration organizations in the nation, is available for comment regarding the wild fires that are devastating Southern California. Currently, the brush … Continue reading

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Giuliani: Blind Should Be Able to Carry Guns

During a town hall meeting in northwestern New Hampshire Tuesday night, Giuliani told a former police officer blinded in the line of duty and concerned about the former New York City mayor’s stance on guns, “You don’t have to worry.” … Continue reading

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Salvation Saloon


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Eternal Sunset

Eternal Sunset endeavours to ensure you can enjoy the sunset live from any location, at any time. As the sunset moves westward, Eternal Sunset continuously tunes into different webcams, chasing the sunset around the globe. This service is currently provided … Continue reading

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Scores lose jobs as Holy Land undergoes extreme makeover

Paul and Jan Crouch, founders of the world’s largest Christian media empire, walk a little slower these days. But that hasn’t slowed down the whirlwind transformation of their newest acquisition: Orlando’s Holy Land Experience theme park. When their Trinity Broadcasting … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Online Archive of Unflattering Hillary Clinton Photos

More here.


Fake turf watered as supplies dry up

It’s not even real grass. But in the midst of what may be the worst drought ever in North Carolina, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are watering the synthetic turfs used by their field … Continue reading

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‘The Goonies': Where are they now?

And there’s talk of a remake. Link

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Lonely Candidates

Everytime a presidential candidate states he or she is the “only” one for something, the people that run this website makes a post. Link

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